XHTML is a markup terminology designed to structure details pertaining to presentation of webpages. In spite of depending on WYSIWYG plans, we write our XHTML code by hand, to make sure that it is clean, logical and of high standard. It means that websites have got fast downloading time, compatible on all browsers, are search engine friendly, and possess maximum forward compatibility.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) handle the way internet pages is been displayed in a browser, and allows the separation of design and layout of a webpage. CSS assist to ensure that we pages are introduced within an accessible way to many readers, around an array of media.

JavaScript/ECMA Script

It is a lightweight scripting language that is added along with XHTML to make site more responsive and interative.



PHP is a quick, server-side scripting language that is used to produce interactive and dynamic websites. It’s particularly well-suited to add a wide number of databases.


XML is a software as well as hardware unbiased markup language designed for describing as well as transferring data. It’ is set to be the most frequent instrument for common data transmission as well as manipulation. XSL is often a terminology for identifying, altering as well as formatting XML paperwork.


MySQL is a rapid, open-source Relational Repository Management System which uses the most popular Structured Query Language (SQL). This is ideal for the majority of web sites that need databases operation, and operates hand-in-hand with PHP.


Linux is a very famous open-source operating-system, and Apache is the widely-used website server over the World Wide Web. Jointly they supply a timely, really reputable, risk-free system with regard to websites.

SSL/Secure Servers

In contrast to normal world-wide-web hosts, SSL make sure data traded between website visitor and the web site can’t be seen through virtually by any 3rd parties. An SSL server is important while dealing with highly confidential information, like on-line credit-based card transactions as well as personal medical facts. SSL, as well as Secure Socket Layer, is usually a single way of swapping data strongly.

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