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Small Business Marketing and Sales With Video

 Small Business Marketing and Sales With Video

We have a professional Animoto account.  We can do whatever you see here FOR you.

We also work closely with David Kocol – http://www.DavidKocol.com – so we provide video capture at your location and / or at David’s studio.

We’re also in the process of expanding social networks for our clients from a few to more than twenty.  AND we’re enabling clients to update virtually all of their social networks with a single click!

Contact us for strategies and tactics to fuel your sales funnel with video.

Sales with Video:

Thumb up hand sign painted to look like Wisconsin State flagIncrease awareness.

Use and Re-Use often!

Add more prospects.

Allow prospects and customers to share.

Increase the number of orders.

Increase average order amounts.

Provide self-help customer service and satisfaction (while reducing costs).

Engage and inform…and have some fun!


Contact us!  Happy to discuss your goals during a free, no-obligation conversation.



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